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The Table of Confession

To Thee, O marcifull Salviour myn, Jhesus,
My King, my Lord, and my Redemer sueit,
Befor Thy bludy figour dolorus
I schryve me cleyne, with humile spreit and meike,
That ever I did unto this hour compleit,
Baith in word, in wark, and in entent.
Falling on face full law befor Thy feit,
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

To Thee, my meik sueit Salviour, I me schrife,
And dois me in Thy marcy maist excelling,
Of the wrang spending of my wittis fyve –
In hering, seing, tuiching, gusting, smelling –
Ganestanding, greving, offending, and rebelling
Aganis my lord God omnipotent;
With teris of sorrow fra myn ene distelling,
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

I, wrachit synnar, vile and full of vice,
Of the sevin deidly synnis dois me schrif:
Of prid, invy, of ire, and covatice,
Of lichory, gluttony, with sleuth ay till ourdrife,
Exercing vicis ever in all my life,
For quhilk, allace, I servit to be schent.
Rew on me, Jhesu, for Thy woundis five;
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

I schrif me, Lord, that I abusit have
The sevin deidis of marcy corporall:
The hungry meit, nor thristy drink I gaif,
Vesyit the seik, nor redemit the thrall,
Herberit the wilsum, nor nakit cled at all,
Nor yit the deid to bery tuke I tent.
Thow that put marcy abone Thi werkis all,
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

In the sevin deidis of marcy spirituall:
To the ignorant nocht gaif I my teching,
Synneris correctioun, nor distitud consall,
Nor unto wofull wrachis conforting,
Nor unto saulis support of my preching,
Nor wes to ask forgevinnes pacient,
Nor to forgif my nychtburis offending:
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

Lord, I have done full littill reverence
Unto the sacramentis sevin of gret renoun:
To that hie Eucarist moist of exellence,
Baptasing, Pennence, and Confirmacioun,
Matremony, Ordour, and Extreme uncioun.
Heirof sa fer as I wes necligent,
With hert contrit and teris falling doun,
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

Thy ten conmandmentis: a God for to honour,
Nocht tane in vane, na manslaar to be,
Fader and moder to worschip at all houre,
To be no theif, the haly day to uphie,
Nychtburis to luf, fals witnes for to fle,
To leif adultrй, to covat no manis rent:
In all thir, Lord, culpabill knaw I me.
I cry Thee marcy and laser ro repent.

In the twelf artickillis of the treuth: a God to trow –
The Fader that all wrocht and comprehendit,
And in His only Sone, blissit Jhesu,
Of Mary borne, on Croce deid, and discendit,
The thrid day rais, to the Faderis rycht hand ascendit,
Of quik and ded to cum and hald jugement:
Into thir pointis, O Lord, quhare I have offendit,
I cry Thee marcy and lasere to repent.

I trow into the blissit Haly Spreit,
And in the Kirk, to do as it commandis,
And in the Day of Dome that we sall ris compleit
And tak oure flesche agane, baith feit and handis,
All to be saif into the stait of grace that standis.
Plane I revoik in thir quhair I myswent
Befoir Thee, Juge and Lord of sey and landis:
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

I synnit, Lord, nocht being strang as wall
In hope, faith, and fervent cheritй,
Nocht with the fair foure vertuis cardinall
Agins vicis sure anarmyng me:
With fortitud, prudence, and temporance, thir thre,
With Justice ever in word, werk, and in entent:
To Thee, Crist Jesu, casting up myn ee,
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

In the sevin commandis of the Kirk, that is to say,
Thy teind to pay, and cursing to eschew,
To keipe the festuall and the fasting day,
The Mes on Sonday, the parroche kirk persew,
To proper curat to mak confessioun trew,
Anis in the yer to tak the sacrament:
Into thir pointis quhair I have offendit, sair I rew.
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.
Of syn also into the Haly Spreit,
Of schrift postponit, of syn aganis natour,
Of incontricioun, of confessour undiscreit,
Of ressait synfull of my Salviour,
Of undone pennence and satisfactioun sure,
Of the sevin giftis the Haly Gaist me sent,
Of Pater Noster and sevin peticionis pure:
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

Nocht thankand Thee of gratitud and grace
That Thou me wrocht and bocht me with Thi ded;
Of this schort tyme remembring nocht the space,
The Hevinnis blis, the Hellis hiddous feid,
But mor trespas, my synnis to remeid,
Concluding never all throu myn entent,
Quhois blud on Rude for me ran reid,
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

I knaw me vicius, Lord, and rycht culpabill
In aithis, swering, lessingis, and blasflemyng,
Of frustrat speiking in court, in kirk, in tabill,
In word, in will, in wantones expremyng,
Prising myself and evill my nychtburis demyng;
And so in idilnes my dais I have myspent:
To Thee wes rent on Rude for my redeming,
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

I have synnit in discimilit thochtis joly,
Up to the Hevin extollit in myn entencioun
In hie exaltit arrogance and folly,
Imprudence, derisioun, scorne, and vilipencioun,
Presumpcioun, inobedience, and contempcioun,
In fals vanglore and deidis necligent:
O Thow that deit for my redempcioun,
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

I have synnit also in reif and in opprecioun,
In wrangus gudis taking and posceding
Contrar gud ressoun, conscience, and discrecioun,
In prodigall spending but reuth of pure folkis neding,
In foule descepcioun, in fals invencionis bredyng,
To conqueir honour, tresour, land, or rent,
In fleschely lust abone messour exceding:
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

Of mynd dissimilit, Lord, I me confes,
Of feid under ane freindlie continance,
Of parsiall juging and perverst wilfulnes,
Of flattering wordis for finyng of substance,
Of fals seling for wrang deliverance
At Counsall, Sessioun, and at Perliament:
Of everilk gilt and wicket governance
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

I schrif me of all cursit cumpany
In all tyme witting and unwiting me;
Of cryminall caus and deid of fellony,
Of ded or slauchter culpabill knaw I me,
Of tiranny, or vengabill crueltй,
In ony wise, deid, counsall, or consent:
O deir Jhesu that for me deit on Tre,
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

Thoucht I have nocht Thi precius feit to kis
As had the Magdalyn quhen scho did marcy craife,
I sall, as scho, weipe teris for my mys,
And every morrow seik Thee at Thi graife,
That seis my hert; as Thou hir forgaife,
Thairfor forgife me as synner penitent.
Thy precius body in honour I ressave;
I cry Thee Marcy and laser to repent.

Thow mak me, Jhesu, unto Thee to remember.
I ask Thy passioun in me so to abound
Quhill nocht in me unmannyit be a member,
Bot felling wo with Thee of every wound.
At every straik mak throu my hart a stound
That ever did strenye Thi fair flesche innocent,
Sa at na part be of my body sound:
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

Of all thir synnis that I heir expreme,
And hes foryet, to Thee, Lord, I me schrife,
Appelling fra Thy justice court extreme
Unto Thi court of marcy exultive;
Thou mak my schip in blissit port arrive
That sailis heir in stormes violent,
And saife me, Jhesu, for Thy woundis five:
I cry Thee marcy and laser to repent.

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The Table of Confession - WILLIAM DUNBAR