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Of Man’s Mortality

[Quod tu in cinerem revertis] Memento, homo, quod cinis es: Think, man, thow art bot erd and as; Lang heir […]

A Dream

This hinder nycht, halff sleiping as I lay, Me thocht my chalmer in ane new aray Was all depent with […]

A Wooing in Dunfermline

[And that me thocht ane ferly cace] This hindir nycht in Dumfermeling To me was tawld ane windir thing: That […]

Beauty and the Prisoner

Sen that I am a presoneir Till hir that farest is and best, I me commend fra yeir till yeir […]

Best to Be Blithe

Full oft I mus and hes in thocht How this fals warld is ay on flocht, Quhair nothing ferme is […]

A Ballad of Our Lady

[Ave Maria, gracia plena] Hale, sterne superne, hale in eterne, In Godis sicht to schyne! Lucerne in derne for to […]

In Praise of Women

Now of wemen this I say for me, Of erthly thingis nane may bettir be. Thay suld haif wirschep and […]

Rule of Oneself

[He rewllis weill that weill himself can gyd] To dwell in court, my freind, gife that thow list, For gift […]

The Devil’s Inquest

[Renunce thy God and cum to me] This nycht in my sleip I wes agast, Me thocht the Devill wes […]

Sweet Rose of Virtue

Sweit rois of vertew and of gentilnes, Delytsum lyllie of everie lustynes, Richest in bontie and in bewtie cleir And […]

To the Queen

[Devoyd languor and leif in lustines] O lusty flour of yowth, benyng and bricht, Fresch blome of bewty, blythfull, brycht […]

To the King

[Schir, ye have mony servitouris] Schir, ye have mony servitouris And officiaris of dyvers curis: Kirkmen, courtmen, and craftismen fyne, […]

The Goldyn Targe

Ryght as the stern of day begouth to schyne, Quhen gone to bed war Vesper and Lucyne, I raise and […]

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