Українська та зарубіжна поезія

Вірші на українській мові

To the Queen

[Devoyd languor and leif in lustines]

O lusty flour of yowth, benyng and bricht,
Fresch blome of bewty, blythfull, brycht and schene,
Fair lufsum lady, gentill and discret,
Yung brekand blosum yit on the stalkis grene,
Delytsum lilly, lusty for to be sene:
Be glaid in hairt and expell havines.
Bair of blis, that evir so blyth hes bene,
Devoyd langour and leif in lustiness.

Brycht sterne at morrow that dois the nycht hyn chace,
Of luvis lychtsum day the lyfe and gyd,
Lat no dirk clud absent fro us thy face,
Nor lat no sable frome us thy bewty hyd,
That hes no confort quhair that we go or ryd,
Bot to behald the beme of thi brychtnes;
Baneis all baill and into blis abyd,
Devoyd languor and leif in lustines.

Art thow plesand, lusty, yoing, and fair,
Full of all vertew and gud conditioun,
Rycht nobill of blud, rycht wyis and debonair,
Honorable, gentill, and faythfull of renoun,
Liberall, lufsum, and lusty of persoun.
Quhy suld thow than lat sadnes thee oppres?
In hairt be blyth and lay all dolour doun,
Devoyd languor and leif in lustines.

I me commend with all humilitie
Unto thi bewty blisfull and bening,
To quhome I am and sall ay servand be
With steidfast hairt and faythfull trew mening
Unto the deid without depairting.
For quhais saik I sall my pen addres,
Sangis to mak for thy reconforting,
That thow may leif in joy and lustines.

O fair sweit blossum, now in bewty flouris,
Unfaidit bayth of cullour and vertew,
Thy nobill lord that deid hes done devoir,
Faid nocht with weping thy vissage fair of hew.
O lufsum lusty lady, wyse and trew,
Cast out all cair and comfort do incres.
Exyll all sichand, on thy servand rew.
Devoyd languor and lef in lustines.

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