Українська та зарубіжна поезія

Вірші на українській мові

The wordes of Fortune to the people

Mine high estate power and auctoritie,
If ye ne know, enserche and ye shall spye,
That richesse, worship, welth, and dignitie,
Joy, rest, and peace, and all thyng finally,
That any pleasure or profit may come by,
To mannes comfort, ayde, and sustinaunce,
Is all at my devyse and ordinaunce.

Without my favour there is nothyng wonne.
Many a matter have I brought at last,
To good connclusion, that fondly was begonne.
And many a purpose, bounden sure and fast
With wise provision, I have overcast.
Without good happe there may no wit suffise,
Better is to be fortunate than wyse.

And therefore hath there some men bene or this,
My deadly foes and written many a boke,
To my disprayse. And other cause there nys,
But for me list not frendly on them loke,
Thus lyke the fox they fare that once forsoke,
The pleasaunt grapes, and gan for to defy them,
Because he lept and yet could not come by them.

But let them write theyr labour is in vayne,
For well ye wote, myrth, honour, and richesse,
Much better is than penury and payne.
The nedy wretch that lingereth in distresse,
Without myne helpe is ever comfortlesse,
A wery burden odious and loth,
Is not.

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The wordes of Fortune to the people - THOMAS MORE