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Fortune Verses

First Ballad
to the tune of “Lewis the lost lover.”

Eye-flattering Fortune! look thou ne’er so fair,
Or ne’er so pleasantly begin to smile,
As though thou wouldst my ruin all repair,
During my life thou shalt not me beguile;
Trust shall I God to enter in erewhile,
His haven of havens sure and uniform:-
After a calm I still expect the storm.

Second Ballad
to the tune of “Davy the Dicer.”

Long was I, Lady Luck, your serving-man,
And now have lost again all that I gat;
When, therefore, I think of you now and then,
And in my mind remember this and that,
Ye may not blame me, though I shrew your cat;
In faith I bless you, and a thousand times,
For lending me some leisure to make rhymes

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Fortune Verses - THOMAS MORE