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The twelve weapons of spiritual battle, which every man should have at hand when the pleasure of a sinful temptation cometh to mind

The pleasure little and short. The nature and dignity of man.
The followers grief and heaviness. The peace of a good mind.
The loss of a better thing. The great benefits of God.
This life a dream and a shadow. The painful cross of Christ.
The death at our hand and unaware. The witness of martyrs and
The fear of impenitent departing. example of saints.
Eternal joy, eternal pain.
The Twelve Weapons have we more at length Declared as Followetb.
The Pleasure Little and Short.
Consider well the pleasure that thou hast, Stand it in touching or in wanton sight, In vain smell or in thy licorous taste, Or finally, in whatsoever delight Occupied is thy wretched appetite: Thou shalt it find, when thou hast all cast, Little, simple, short and suddenly past.
The Followers: Grief and Heaviness.
Any good work if thou with labor do, The labor goeth, the goodness doth remain: If thou do evil with pleasure joined thereto, The pleasure which thine evil work doth contain Glideth his way, thou must him not restrain: The evil then in thy breast cleaveth behind With grudge of heart and heaviness of mind.
The Loss of a Better Thing.
When thou laborest thy pleasure for to buy Upon the price look thou well thee advise, Thou sellest thy soul therefore even by and by To thy most utter despiteous enemies:
O mad merchant, O foolish merchandise, To buy a trifle, O childish reckoning, And pay therefore so dear a precious thing!
This Life a Dream and a Shadow.
This wretched life, the trust and confidence Of whose continuance maketh us bold to sin, Thou perceivest well by experience, Since that hour in which it did begin, It holdeth on the course and will not lin, But fast it runneth on and passen shall As doth a dream or shadow on the wall.
Death at our Hand and Unaware.
Consider well that ever night and day,
While that we busily provide and care
For our disport, revel, mirth and play,
For pleasant melody and dainty fare,
Death stealeth on full slyly and unaware:
He lieth at hand and shall us enterprise
We know not how soon nor in what manner wise.
Fear of Impenitent Departing.
If thou shouldst God offend, think how therefore Thou were forthwith in very jeopardous case: For haply thou shouldst not live an hour more Thy sin to cleanse, and though thou haddest space, Yet peradventure shouldst thou lack the grace: Well ought we then be feared to do offence Impenitent lest we departen hence.
Eternal Reward, Eternal Pain.
Thou seest this world is but a thoroughfare, See thou behave thee wisely with thine host;
Hence must thou needs depart naked and bare, And after thy desert look to what cost Thou art conveyed at such time as thy ghost From this wretched carcass shall dissever: Be it joy or pain, endure it shall forever.
The Nature and Dignity of Man.
Remember how God hath made thee reasonable Like unto His image and figure, And for thee suffered pains intolerable That He, for an angel, never would endure. Regard, O man, thine excellent nature; Thou that with angels art made to be equal, For very shame be not the devil’s thrall.
The Peace of a Good Mind.
Why lovest thou so this brittle world’s joy? Take all the mirth, take all the fantasies, Take every game, take every wanton toy, Take every sport that men can thee devise: And among them all on warrantise Thou shalt no pleasure comparable find To th’ inward gladness of a virtuous mind.
The Great Benefits of God.
Beside that God thee bought and formed both Many a benefit hast thou received of His: Though thou have moved Him often to be wroth Yet He thee kept hath and brought thee up to this, And daily calleth upon thee to His bliss: How mayst thou then to Him unloving be That ever hath been so loving unto thee?
The Painful Cross of Christ.
When thou in flame of the temptation friest Think on the very lamentable pain, Think on the piteous cross of woeful Christ, Think on His blood beat out at every vein, Think on His precious heart carved in twain, Think how for thy redemption all was wrought: Let Him not lose thee that He so dear hath bought.
The Witness of Martyrs and Example of Saints,
Sin to withstand say not thou lackest might:
Such allegations folly it is to use;
The witness of saints, and martyrs’ constant sight
Shall thee of slothful cowardice accuse:
God will thee help if thou do not refuse:
If other have stood or, this thou mayst eftsoon:
Nothing impossible is that hath been done.

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The twelve weapons of spiritual battle, which every man should have at hand when the pleasure of a sinful temptation cometh to mind - THOMAS MORE