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A proper new Ballad

breefely declaring the Death and Execution of fourteen
most wicked Traitors, who suffered death in
Lincolnes Inne feelde neere London:
the [20] and 21 of September,
To the tune of Weep, weep.
REioyce in hart, goood people all
sing praise to God on hye,
Which hath preserved vs by his power
from traitors tiranny;
Which now haue had their due desarts,
in London lately seen;
And Ballard was the first that died
for treason to our Queene.
O praise the Lord with hart and minde,
sing praise with voices cleere,
Sith traiterous crue haue had their due,
to quaile their partners cheere.
Next Babington, that caitife vilde,
was hanged for his hier:
His carcasse likewise quartered, I
and hart cast in the fier.
Was euer seene such wicked troopes
of traytors in this land,
Against the pretious woord of truthe,
and their goood Queene to stand?
O praise, &c.
But heer beholde the rage of Rome,
the fruits of Popish plants;
Beholde and see their wicked woorks,
which all good meaning wants;
For Sauage also did receaue
like death for his desert;
Which in that wicked enterprise
should then haue doon his part
O praise, &c.
O cursed catifes, void of grace!
will nothing serue your turne,
But to beholde your cuntries wrack,
in malice while you burne?
And Barnwell thou which went to view
her grace in each degree,
And how her life might be dispatcht,
thy death we all did see.
O praise, &c.
Confounding shame fall to their share,
and hellish torments sting,
That to the Lords anointed shall
deuise so vile a thing!
O Techburne! what bewitched thee,
to haue such hate in store,
Against our good and gratious Queene,
that thou must dye therefore?
O praise, &c.
What gaine for traitors can returne,
if they their wish did win;
Or what preferment should they get
by this their trecherous sinne?
Though forraine power loue treason well,
the traitors they despise,
And they the first that should sustaine
the smart of their deuise.
O praise, &c.
What cause had Tilney, traitor stout,
or Abbington likewise,
Against the Lords anointed thus
such mischeef to deuise:
But that the Deuill inticed them
such wicked woorkes to render;
For which these seuen did suffer death
the twentith of September.
O praise, &c.
Seauen more the next day following
were drawen from the Tower,
Which were of their confederates,
to dye that instant hower:
The first of them was Salsburie,
and next to him was Dun,
Who did complaine most earnestly
of proud yong Babington.
O praise, &c.
Both Lords and Knights of hye renowne
he ment for to displace;
And likewise all our towers and townes,
and cities for to race.
So likewise Iones did much complaine
of his detested pride,
And shewed how lewdly he did liue
before the time he died.
O praise, &c.
Then Charnock was the next in place
to taste of bitter death,
And praying vnto holy Saints,
he left his vitall breath.
And in like maner Trauers then
did suffer in that place,
And fearfully he left his life
with cursing breast and face.
O praise, &c.
Then Gage was stripped in his shirt,
who vp the lather went,
And sought for to excuse him selfe
of treasons falce intent.
And Bellamie the last of all
did suffer death that daye;
Vnto which end God bring all such
as wish our Queenes decay!
O praise, &c.
O faulce and foule disloyall men!
what person would suppose,
That clothes of veluet and of silke
should hide such mortall foes?
Or who would think such hidden hate
in men so faire in sight,
But that the Deuill can turne him selfe
into an angell bright?
O praise, &c.
But, Soueraigne Queene, haue thou no care,
for God which knoweth all,
Will still maintaine thy royall state,
and giue thy foes a fall:
And for thy Grace thy subiects all
will make their praiers still,
That neuer traitor in the land
may haue his wicked will.
O praise, &c.
Whose glorious daies in England heere
the mighty God maintaine,
That long vnto thy subiectes ioye
thy Grace may rule and raigne.
And, Lord! we pray for Christes sake,
that all thy secret foes
May come to naught which seeke thy life,
and Englands lasting woes.
O praise the Lord with hart and minde, &c.
The names of the 7 Traitors
who were executed on Tuesday
being the xx of September. 1586
Iohn Ballard Preest.
Anthony Babington.
Iohn Sauage.
Robert Barnwell.
Chodicus Techburne.
Charles Tilney.
Edward Abbington.
The names of the other vij
which were executed on the
next day after
Thomas Salsbury.
Henry Dun.
Edward Ihones.
Iohn Trauers.
Iohn Charnock.
Robert Gage.
Harman Bellamy.

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A proper new Ballad - THOMAS DELONEY