Українська та зарубіжна поезія

Вірші на українській мові

A Song in praise of Women

To a pleasant new Tune, called, My Valentine. AMong all other things that God hath made beneath the skie, Most […]

A new Ballet

of the straunge and most cruell Whippes which the Spanyards had prepared to whippe and torment English men and women: […]

A ioyful new Ballad

Declaring the happie obtaining of the great Galleazzo, wherein Don Pedro de Valdez was the chiefe, through the mightie power […]

The womans answer

Foule is the face, whose beauty gold can race: Worthless the wit that hath gold in her wonder: Vnlearned lines […]

A proper new Ballad

breefely declaring the Death and Execution of fourteen most wicked Traitors, who suffered death in Lincolnes Inne feelde neere London: […]

A most ioyfull Songe

made in the behalfe of all her Maiesties faithfull and louing Subiects: of the great loy, which was made in […]

The Winning of Cales

Long the proud Spaniard aduanced to conquer vs, Threatning our Country with fire and sword, Often preparing their Nauy most […]

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