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Your faire lookes enflame my desire

Your faire lookes enflame my desire:
Quench it againe with loue.
Stay, O striue not still to retire:
Doe not in humane proue.
If loue may perswade,
Loues pleasures, deere, denie not.
Heere is a silent grouie shade;
O tarrie then, and flie not.

Haue I seaz’d my heauenly delight
In this vnhaunted groue?
Time shall now her furie requite
With the reuenge of loue.
Then come, sweetest, come,
My lips with kisses gracing;
Here let vs harbour all alone,
Die, die in sweete embracing.

Will you now so timely depart,
And not returne againe?
Your sight lends such life to my hart
That to depart is paine.
Feare yeelds no delay,
Securenes helpeth pleasure:
Then, till the time giues safer stay,
O farewell, my liues treasure.

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Your faire lookes enflame my desire - THOMAS CAMPION