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Neuer loue vnlesse you can

Neuer loue vnlesse you can
Beare with all the faults of man:
Men sometimes will iealous bee,
Though but little cause they see;
And hang the head, as discontent,
And speak what straight they will repent.

Men that but one Saint adore,
Make a shew of loue to more:
Beauty must be scorn’d in none,
Though but truely seru’d in one:
For what is courtship but disguise?
True hearts may haue dissembling eyes.

Men when their affaires require,
Must a while themselues retire:
Sometimes hunt, and sometimes hawke,
And not euer sit and talke.
If these, and such like you can beare,
Then like, and loue, and neuer fear.

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Neuer loue vnlesse you can - THOMAS CAMPION