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Now Winter Nights Enlarge

Now winter nights enlarge The number of their hours, And clouds their storms discharge Upon the airy towers. Let now […]

Fire, Fire, Fire!

Fire, fire, fire, fire. Loe here I burne in such desire That all the teares that I can straine Out […]

My Sweetest Lesbia

(imitation of Catallus) My sweetest Lesbia, let us live and love, And though the sager sort our deeds reprove, Let […]

Neuer loue vnlesse you can

Neuer loue vnlesse you can Beare with all the faults of man: Men sometimes will iealous bee, Though but little […]

Rose-cheeked Laura

Rose-cheeked Laura, come, Sing thou smoothly with thy beauty’s Silent music, either other Sweetly gracing. Lovely forms do flow From […]

I Care Not For These Ladies

I care not for these ladies That must be woo’d and pray’d Give me sweet Amaryllis The wanton country maid, […]

Follow Thy Fair Sun

Follow thy fair sun, unhappy shadow! Though thou be black as night, And she made all of light, Yet follow […]


I care not for these ladies that must be wooed and prayed; Give me kind Amaryllis, the wanton country maid. […]

When Laura Smiles

When Laura smiles her sight reuiues both night and day: The earth and heauen viewes with delight her wanton play […]

I Must Complain

I must complain, yet doe enioy my Loue; She is too faire, too rich in louely parts: Thence is my […]

Leaue prolonging thy distresse

Leaue prolonging thy distresse: All delayes afflict the dying. Many lost sighes long I spent, to her for mercy crying; […]

There is a garden in her face

There is a Garden in her face, Where Roses and white Lillies grow; A heau’nly paradice is that place, Wherein […]

Followe thy faire sunne

Followe thy faire sunne, vnhappy shadowe, Though thou be blacke as night, And she made all of light, Yet follow […]

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