Українська та зарубіжна поезія

Вірші на українській мові

Upon the Image of Death

Before my face the picture hangs That daily should put me in mind Of those cold names and bitter pangs […]

A Child My Choice

Let folly praise that fancy loves, I praise and love that Child Whose heart no thought, whose tongue no word, […]

New Heaven, New War

Come to your heaven, you heavenly quires! Earth hath the heaven of your desires; Remove your dwelling to your God, […]

The Nativity of Christ

Behold the father is his daughter’s son, The bird that built the nest is hatch’d therein, The old of years […]

Look home

Retirëd thoughts enjoy their own delights, As beauty doth in self-beholding eye ; Man’s mind a mirror is of heavenly […]

New Prince New Pomp

Behold, a seely tender babe In freezing winter night In homely manger trembling lies; Alas, a piteous sight! The inns […]

Man’s Civil War

My hovering thoughts would fly to heaven And quiet nestle in the sky, Fain would my ship in Virtue’s shore […]

Christ’s Childhood

Till twelve years’ age, how Christ His childhood spent All earthly pens unworthy were to write; Such acts to mortal […]

The Burning Babe

As I in hoary winter’s night Stood shivering in the snow, Surprised I was with sudden heat Which made my […]

Love’s Garden Grief

Vain loves avaunt! infamous is your pleasure, Your joys deceit; Your jewels jests, and worthless trash your treasure, Fools’ common […]

Times Go by Turns

The lopped tree in time may grow again, Most naked plants renew both fruit and flower; The sorriest wight may […]


Love, mistress is of many minds, Yet few know whom they serve; They reckon least how little Love Their service […]