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The Annunciation

Forcy as deith is likand lufe, Throuch quhome al bittir suet is; No thing is hard, as writ can pruf, […]

The Praise of Age

Wythin a garth, under a rede rosere, Ane ald man and decrepit herd I syng; Gay was the note, suete […]

Ane Prayer for the Pest

O eterne God of power infinyt, To Quhois hie knawledge na think is obscure- That is, or wes, or sal […]

Robene and Makyne

Robene sat on gud grene hill Kepand a flok of fe; Mirry Makyne said him till, “Robene, thow rew on […]

The Bludy Serk

This hindir yeir I hard be tald Thair was a worthy king; Dukis, erlis, and barronis bald He had at […]

The Testament of Cresseid

Ane doolie sessoun to ane cairful dyte Suld correspond, and be equivalent. Richt sa it wes when I began to […]

Against Hasty Credence

Fals titlaris now growis up full rank, Nocht ympit in the stok of cheretie, Howping at thair lord to gett […]

The Three Deid Pollis

O sinfull man, in to this mortall se, Quhilk is the vaill of murnyng and of cair, With gaistly sicht […]

The Want of Wyse Men

Me mervellis of this grete confusion; I wald sum clerk of connyng walde declerde, Quhat gerris this warld be turnyt […]

The Abbey Walk

Allone as I went up and doun, In ane abbay wes fair to se, Thinkand quhat consolatioun Wes best in […]