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The Lyfe of Seynt Margarete

Here begynneth the prolog of the holy seynt, Seynt Margarete, compendyously compiled in balade by Lidgate dan Johan, Monk of […]

The Testament

… Beholde, o man! lyft up thyn eye and see What mortall peyne I suffre for thi trespace. With pietous […]

Epithalamium for Gloucester

1 Thorugh gladde aspectes of the god Cupid And ful accord of his moder deere, Ful oft sithes list aforne […]

Vox ultima Crucis

TARYE no lenger; toward thyn heritage Hast on thy weye, and be of ryght good chere. Go eche day onward […]

The Temple Of Glas

For thought, constreint, and grevous hevines, For pensifhede and for heigh distres, To bed I went nou this othir nyght, […]

The Floure of Curtesye

In Feverier, whan the frosty moone Was horned, ful of Phebus firy lyght, And that she gan to reyse her […]

The Siege of Thebes

Prologue Whan brighte Phebus passed was the Ram Myd of Aprille and into Bole cam, And Satourn old with his […]

The Disguising at Hertford

John Lydgate: The Disguising at Hertford Nowe folowethe here the maner of a bille by wey of supplicacon putte to […]

Saint Austin at Compton

Lyk as the Bible makith mencioun, The original ground of devout offryng, Callyd of clerkys just decimacioun (In pleyn Ynglissh, […]