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The Lullabie of a Lover

Sing lullaby, as women doe, Wherewith they bring their babes to rest, And lullaby can I sing to, As womanly […]

The Partrich and the Merline

The Partridge in the pretie Merlines foote, Who feeles hir force supprest with fearfulnesse, And findes that strength nor strife […]

The Anatomye of a Lover

To make a Lover knowne, by plaine Anatomie, You lovers all that list beware, loe here behold you me. Who […]

The Frute of reconciliation

The hatefull man that heapeth in his mynde, Cruell revenge of wronges forepast and done, May not (with ease) ye […]

The fruite of Foes

The cruell hate which boyles within thy burning brest, And seekes to shape a sharpe revenge, on them yt love […]

The Divorce of a Lover

Divorce me nowe good death, from love and lingring life, That one hath bene my concubine, that other was my […]

Praise of the mistres

The hap which Paris had, as due for his desert, Who favord Venus for hir face, & skornde Menervas art: […]

Gascoignes De profundis

The introduction to the Psalme of De profundis. The Skies gan scowle, orecast with misty clowdes, When (as I rode […]

Farewell with a mischeife

Thy byrth, thy beautie, nor thy brave attyre, (Disdaynfull Dame, which doest me double wrong) Thy hygh estate, which sets […]

The complaynt of Philomene

Philomene. In sweet April, the messenger to May, When hoonie drops, do melt in golden showres, When euery byrde, records […]

The Glasse Of Government

The Shed is great, and greater then the show, Which seemes to be, betweene the good and bad : For […]

The refusal of a lover

I cannot wish thy griefe, although thou worke my wooe, Since I profess to be thy friend, I cannot be […]

Gascoignes good morrow

You that have spent the silent night, In sleepe and quiet rest, And joye to see the cheerefull lyght That […]

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