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A fit of rhyme against rhyme

Rhyme, the rack of finest wits, That expresseth but by fits True conceit, Spoiling senses of their treasure, Cozening judgment […]

An Ode

High-Spirited friend, I send nor balms nor cor’sives to your wound : Your fate hath found A gentler and more […]

The Forest

I. WHY I WRITE NOT OF LOVE Some act of LOVE’S bound to rehearse, I thought to bind him in […]


I love, and he loves me again, Yet dare I not tell who; For if the nymphs should know my […]

A Hymne to God the Father

Heare mee, O God! A broken heart, Is my best part: Use still thy rod, That I may prove Therein, […]


In picture, they which truly understand, Require (besides the likeness of the thing) Light posture, heightening, shadow, coloring, All which […]